G-CAS Charity Market

Clydeview Academy, Gourock YPI ScotlandCharity Market.

First time for us being at Clydeview Academy, Gourock YPI ScotlandCharity Market. GCAS(Greigarious Community Arts & Singing) represents Clydeside Singers , The Vibes & GCAS Kids Entertainment +. The pupils, staff and other reps from various Charities were fab!! Thank you to Elaine, Irene & The GCAS team ?


Alan Greig    Mary Greig    Heather Curran   Michael Curran  

Gcas promoting the different Groups :  The Clydeside Singers , The Vibes, Gcas Childrens Entertainment


On behalf of GCAS Board. We as a board have a duty of care to our members and our client groups therefore in compliance with Government and NHS guidelines we are suspending all activities until further notice.


Please take care and we'll hopefully be back soon.