Montrose Day Centre,Paisley



Montrose Day Centre,Paisley

Clydeside Singers ,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Clydeside Singers for the time they all take out of their busy life’s to give back to the community.

We are a social work day centre with over 125 clients all over the age of 65 and the majority over the age of 80. We on a daily basis support clients with physical and mental health needs, clients who are diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Clydeside singers are a joy to watch, their efforts to bring music and song to a community who due to health reason can be socially isolated is to be commended.

The clients at the day centre are thoroughly entertained when clydesidesingers visit and as the person responsible for social and music entertainment I am immediately bombarded for requests from clients to book Clydeside singers as soon as possible for another afternoon.

To know that as individuals they are coming together to benefit not only their own local community but the wider community is an inspiration. Over the past year or more I have had the pleasure of getting to know the group and the individuals and can offer no higher praise for their input and entertainment skills than this “ Clydeside Singers are staff and clients favourite way to spend an afternoon of song and dance.”

As a group and as individuals they are a delight to know.

Jacqueline Masterson

Senior Day Care Officer